Carotina Baby Wagon


Product Description

A Fun Portable Container With Loads Of Games! Children Can Have Fun Playing With The Included Material And Take It With Them Wherever They Go! The Adorable And Robust Plastic Wagon Turns Into A Practical Container, Which Even Small Children Will Find Easy To Pull Along. All Of The Games Help Improve Fine Motor Skills And Logical Thining, As Well As Stimulate Emotional Development. Loads Of Stickers And Cardboard Games Plastic Pull Toy With An Adjustable, Removable Handle - 4 Coloured Plastic Moulds - Sheet Of Stickers - 8 4-Piece Animal Mini-Puzzles. - 32 Memo Cards - 32 Self-Correcting Pieces For The Moms And Babies Game - Instructions

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Boys, Girls, Unisex

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