Chocolate Decorating Pen Kit with USB Powered Heating Tubs

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Chocolate Decorating Pen Kit with USB Powered Heating Tubs to keep the Chocolate warm - Make your Own Cake Designs - Perfect Gift for Kids - Suitable Age 8+. Our chocolate pen is made of silicone material, which makes it very strong, durable & safe to use. Our chocolate pen is detachable, requires no assembly, and is simple to use, allowing you to write words, draw pictures and decorate the cake & cookies with chocolate. Fill the special moulds to create chocolate charms. This Chocolate pen kit has everything your child needs to decorate their cake or cookies. The set includes Chocolate pen mould, USB operated, divided warming device (2 pieces) and lid, USB cable, 2 plastic trays with 29 moulds in various shapes, Plastic mixing stick, 10 transparent sheets of cellophane, Satin ribbon. This kit does not contain chocolate. It's as simple as filling a piping pen with chocolate, pushing the plunger, and squeezing to write on cakes, cupcakes, or pastries. With just one push, the frosting pops out. You get perfect lines every time! The flexible silicone non-stick mould maintains a steady hand and an even flow of frosting. The USB powered heating tubs help to keep the chocolate warm and fluid. This Chocolate Decorating Pen kit will amaze anyone who loves to bake and is a unique and thoughtful present for your kids on a Birthday, Christmas, Party, Festivals, Kids role play , etc. It is a personal kitchen cake decorating gadget for the whole family, and it can make various dollops on the cake.

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