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Sticky Balloon Modelling Kit with Balloons & Inflating Device - Create Your Own Creatures - Perfect Gift for Kids - Suitable for Age 5+. The inflating device fills the special, self-sealing, sticky balloons with air. The high-quality elasticity can easily be folded into funny animals and other curious creatures which can be customized with the stickers. There is no harm to the body, so children can use them with confidence. This balloon modelling kit has everything your child needs to create their favourite creatures. The set includes a Balloon inflating device, Plastic storage bowl, 36 balloons, 6 balloons connectors in various sizes and colours, 22 sticky body parts in various shapes and colours, 12 moving eyes, 95 decorative stickers. Create fantastic & unique balloon animals and other amazing creatures. Balloons are children?s favourites. They can fill children?s childhood with fairy-tale memories. All kinds of balloon crafts can fully stimulate children's hand-brain coordination ability, hands-on ability and can bring you endless fun of DIY while they use their creativity. This Sticky Balloon Modelling kit is suitable for various animal shapes and balloon sculptures, which can increase the festive atmosphere at Parties, Birthday, Christmas, Festivals, DIY games for kids, Kids role play, Cosplay etc. Enjoy a great creation time with friends and families.

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